DevOps Best Practices: Artsy

Hi all! We are launching series of Best Practices interviews with companies, that are known for their innovative approaches in "DevOps". The first short interview is with Daniel Doubrovkine, Head of Engineering at Artsy.

How does your team/organization approach automated testing?

Everything is tested with automated testing and there's no manual QA. We spent a lot of energy to make writing tests easy.

What do you think automation is especially *not* suited for?

Automation is not suited for natural human processes, such as user experience.

What are your perspectives on continuous integration tools? Are you using any?

We use Jenkins and Travis-CI, heavily. We fully rely on them.

What kind of individual's profile makes the best systems engineer? (assuming automation is key)

The best systems engineer is a developer with a passion for operations. This means that they are contributing to the codebase, but focus on areas that are less about "business logic" and more about "runtime and operations".

What tools/training do you suggest that a more traditional systems administrator acquire in order keep his/her skills relevant (assuming systems automation will increasingly become the norm)?

Learn to code, start with Chef (which is Ruby), then move up the chain.

Which engineering teams/individuals do you watch for cutting edge tips, tools, and architectures when it comes to systems automation?