Upcoming Tech Talks - A deep dive into online ad auctions and systems - 3/25/14

The Gist: Ever wonder why you keep getting ads for Budweiser when you're clearly a Coors aficionado? In this Lyceum, Sandeep Jain, technical advisor at Axial, will dive into the algorithms and systems that decide how online ads are delivered on the internet. Never again will you wonder why you're being hawked bad beer. This Lyceum will mix behavioral economics, game theory, distributed systems, and graph theory into one fun and informative talk.

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Speaker Bio: Sandeep is currently a technical adviser to Axial. Before that, he cofounded Reschedge, a SaaS enterprise recruiting tool which was recently sold to Hirevue. He started his career at Google where he spent 5 years working on Google Maps and Doubleclick products. He finished his career there as the technical lead of the display advertising backend.