Critical Thinking About Data: Taming Your Biases

Tech businesses know how they're doing by numbers on a screen. The weakest link in the process of analysis is usually the part in front of the keyboard. People are not designed to think about abstract quantities. Scientists in the field of decision science have described for decades now exactly how people go wrong. You can overcome your biases only by being aware of them. Greg Dingle will walk you through some common biases, examples, and corrective measures.

Greg Dingle's Bio - “My first love was science. I was happily ensconced in a PhD program in evolutionary psychology when Y-Combinator came calling. I moved to SF, I lived the startup life for two years, then Facebook bought my two-person company. I rode that rocketship for 7 years. I wrote lots of code. I ended up specializing in building tools for data analysis--query tools, visualization tools and workflow tools. This past March, I quit Facebook and joined a young startup as co-founder, ParseHub. We make web scraping easy.”

This talk was given at the SF Data Science Meetup at Galvanize in May, 2016.