Core.async a Clojure Library for Asynchronous Programming by David Nolen

In this talk, we hear from David Nolen from the New York Times about core.async, the new library for asynchronous programming in Clojure and ClojureScript. He'll be talking about Communicating Sequential Processes & Responsive Design. This talk was recorded at the NYC Clojure Users Group meetup at Two Sigma Investments. The transcript from this talk can be found here:


As clients diversify on all fronts, how do we program flexible user interfaces without getting mired in software bloat and rampant complexity? Communicating Sequential Processes gives us the tools we need to design modular user interface components - we'll see how with ClojureScript and core.async.

Bio: David Nolen is a JavaScript developer at The New York Times. He is the main developer of the Clojure Contrib library core.logic, a Prolog-like logic engine, and match, an optimizing pattern match compiler. He loves hacking at the intersection between object oriented, functional, and logic programming paradigms.

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