Cloudera - Using Morphlines for on-the-fly ETL

In this talk Senior Software engineer Wolfgang Hoschek from Cloudera discusses Morphlines, the easy way to build and integrate ETL apps for Hadoop. This talk was recorded at SF Data Engineering meetup at SumbleUpon offices for Cloudera.

Cloudera Morphlines is a new open source framework that reduces the time and skills necessary to integrate, build, and change Hadoop processing applications that extract, transform, and load data into Apache Solr, Apache HBase, HDFS, enterprise data warehouses, or analytic online dashboards.



Wolfgang Hoschek is a Software Engineer on the Platform team and the lead developer on Morphlines. He is a former CERN fellow and received his Ph.D from the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, and M.S from the University of Linz, Austria.

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