Cloudera - Hadoop Application Development Made Easier by Eric Sammer

In this talk, Eric Sammer, from Cloudera discusses Cloudera's new open source project, Cloudera Development Kit (CDK), which helps Hadoop developers get new projects off the ground more easily. The CDK is both a framework and long-term initiative for documenting proven development practices and providing helpful doc and APIs that will make Hadoop application development as easy as possible. This talk was recorded at the Video Big Data Gurus meetup at Samsung R&D.


About Eric Sammer:

Eric Sammer is an Engineering Manager at Cloudera, where he is focused on highly available, efficient, distributed, and parallel data collection, analysis, and reporting back end systems. He has a solid background in software development, systems and networking, and data management systems, with a career track that spans for over 10 years. Eric is a committer on various open source projects in the Hadoop ecosystem, and the author of the book Hadoop Operations from O'Reilly.

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