Cassandra and Go with Al Tobey & Kyle Kingsbury

Two exciting talks on Cassandra and Go in this video! In the first talk, Kyle Kingsbury, who has tested Cassandra's behavior with respect to consistency, isolation, and transactions as part of the Jepsen project to educate users about distributed consensus, shares his surprising test results. In the second talk, Al Tobey, Open Source Mechanic at DataStax presents a brief introduction to Go and Cassandra, explaining how they are a great fit for each other using code samples and a live demo. These talks were recorded at the DataStax Cassandra SF Users meetup at Disqus.


Bio: Al Tobey is an Open Source Mechanic at DataStax. Prior to working at DataStax, Al's worked at Ooyala as Tech Lead of Compute and Data Services. Ooyala has been using Apache Cassandra since version 0.4. Their data ingest volume has exploded since 0.4 and Cassandra has scaled along with them.

Bio: Kyle Kingsbury is the author of Riemann, Meangirls, Timelike, Jepsen, and a bunch of other open-source stuff. He writes Clojure and helps monitor distributed systems at Factual.