Building AJAX APIs w/ Node.js & Redis

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We attended the recent Node.js group in NYC and listened to a talk given by Chris Alexander on building AJAX APIs w/ Node and Redis.

Whether you are building a new application from scratch or refactoring an existing application, designing a RESTful API has pretty much become a mandatory functional spec these days. Chris discussed how he built a RESTful API leveraging Node.js and Redis. A retrospective analysis of things like tooling, testing, surprises and gotchas were also discussed.

Chris Alexander has used Javascript for years, but it wasn't until a friend encouraged him to attend the NYC-based Node.js Meetup group summer of 2011 that he realized Javascript could potentially be THE language that unifies client- and server-side logic and model codebases. Since that time he has journeyed to strengthen his skills in OO Javascript, Node.js and Redis.

Slides for the talk are here.

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