Bootstrap Beginnings and Getting Started with Ember.js

Bootstrap Beginnings and Getting Started with Ember.js - In the first lightening talk "Bootstrap Beginnings," Mavina Puri, from Condé Nast, discusses how to 'bootstrap' a web app with bootstrap and explains the bootstrap grid system. She focuses on a couple use cases, its core features and also its components, showing an example of bootstrap js and css utilities.

In the second lightening talk, "Getting Started with Ember.js," Kacy James from, gives an introductory talk on Ember.js and basic modern web application architecture, focusing on bindings, Computer Properties, and Auto-updating templates. He then talks on what you need to get started with Ember.js and  Handebars, Ember's default templating language and what it comprises. These talks were recorded at the New York HTML5 Application Developers Group meetup at  Condé Nast.



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