Upcoming Tech Talks: Axial - "The File System is Web-Scale" by Matt Story - 12/17/2013

About the talk: NoSQL databases seem to be everywhere you look these days, whether it's 10gen becoming MongoDB, AWS exposing DynamoDB as a service, or a heated argument overheard at a meetup pinning Riak against Voldemort. In all the hubbub, there is one key-value store replete with name-spacing support, backed by an open standard and supporting a robust and battle-tested authorization scheme that is consistently overlooked -- POSIX filesystems.

In this Lyceum, Matt Story will start by introducing the UNIX system calls for file I/O and manipulation. Using the knowledge we've gained at the OS level, we'll then cover the higher-level interfaces for different kinds of files provided by python, learning how to work with the file-system optimizing for both performance and readability, debunking the myth that the file-system is not fast, scalable or easily distributed.

Matt will end by tying together the concepts we've learned so far with a live demo of Axial's file-system backed message queueing library fsq.

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Speaker Bio: Matt is currently Director of Engineering at Axial, where he built fsq as a general-purpose replacement to RabbitMQ, which was both a single-point-of-failure and provided lack-luster introspection and debugging capabilities. Prior to Axial, he collaborated on several specific file-backed message queues as an engineering lead at Tablet.