AWS APIs: What's the Big Deal? A Panel discussion with Randy Bias, Nati Shalom and Alex Freedland

In this panel discussion, Randy Bias from Cloudscaling, Nati Shalom from Gigaspaces, and Alex Freedland from Mirantis, each share their perspectives on the topic of embracing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIS and architecture as a part of the OpenStack project. Dave McCrory, SVP of Platform Engineering at Warner Music Group moderates the discussion. This talk was recorded at the OpenStack New York meetup at MongoDB, formerly 10gen.


Randy Bias

Randy has been a vocal advocate for open systems for more than two decades. He was the technical visionary at GoGrid and at CloudScale Networks. He led the open-licensing of GoGrid's APIs, which inspired Sun Microsystems, Rackspace Cloud, VMware and others to follow. In 2006, he founded Cloudscaling with Adam Waters and since then has led teams that designed, architected, built and deployed cloud infrastructure for more than two dozen clients globally.

Nati Shalom

Nati Shalom, Founder and CTO at GigaSpaces, is a thought leader in Cloud-Computing and Big-Data Technologies. Shalom was recently recognized as a Top Cloud Computing Blogger for CIO’s by The CIO Magazine and his blog listed as an excellent blog by *technical founders* by YCombinator. Shalom is the founder and leader of OpenStack-Israel group, and a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

Alex Freedland

Alex has over 20 years experience in the high tech industry. Previously, Alex co-founded RSI Group, Inc., one of the world’s principal providers of Receivables Management Software where he assumed the responsibility of EVP and CTO in charge of Product Development and Technical Services.

Dave McCory

Dave McCrory is the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Warner Music Group, where he is building a next generation enterprise PaaS. Dave has coined the term "Data Gravity", which he recognized through extensive research over the past several years. He has presented at many conferences, including Cloud Connect, Gluecon, Interop Big Data, VMworld US/Europe, RubyConf, and RailsConf. Dave is also co-author of the book titled "Advanced Server Virtualization", and holds 9 granted Patents. He also co-founded 2 startups, Surgient Inc. and Hyper9, where he was Chief Scientist/CTO.

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