Autolifts: Automatic Type-Derived Lifting by Owein Reese

Owein Reese, Senior Engineer at Mediamath, gives an overview of Autolifts, an open source dependently typed library for auto lifting and auto mapping of functions built in Scala.

Autolifts takes advantage of Scala’s advanced type system to yield a set of abstractions for working with complex objects. We’ll introduce the concept of lifting and why you might want to incorporate this pattern in your code. Then we’ll show how the library takes that concept, mixes it with dependent types and implicit extensions to automatically lift in a type safe manner. Finally, we’ll show how using these extensions simplifies code, reducing boilerplate while making code more easily understood and maintained.

Owein Reese has been a full-time Scala developer for over five years and has spoken at several Scala meetups and conferences. He has several open source projects and leads several engineering teams at Media Math.