AppNexus: Scaling from 0 to 500k QPS by Mike Nolet

Mike discusses the AppNexus infrastructure and their custom built continuous deployment system.

This talk is by Mike Nolet, CTO & Co-Founder at AppNexus, recorded at  Aerospike.


Bio: Mike oversees the Engineering and Technical Operations teams in AppNexus, having helped design the AppNexus system that handles over 12 billion ad requests a day. Prior to founding AppNexus, Mike was Director of Analytics and Product Manager at Right Media (acquired by Yahoo! for $850MM in July 2007), where he designed and managed key applications, including predictive optimization, inventory forecasting, and Media Guard, which protects publishers from harmful or unwanted ad content. Mike's deep understanding of the intersection between business needs and technology innovation began at 15, when he sold his first software application, and continued at Princeton University, where he studied Economics. On his popular blog, MikeOnAds, Mike analyzes the fast-changing display ad management and buying space, and the dynamic interplay between ad networks, ad exchanges, real-time bidding and the entire ecosystem.