Apache Zookeeper Introduction By Camille Fournier

This is an Apache Zookeeper introduction - In this talk, Camille Fournier, from Rent The Runway, gives an introduction to ZooKeeper. She talks on why it's useful and how you should use it once you have it running. Camille goes over the high-level purpose of ZooKeeper and covers some of the basic use cases and operational concerns. One of the requirements for running Storm or a Hadoop cluster is to have a reliable Zookeeper setup. When you’re running a service distributed across a large cluster of machines, even tasks like reading configuration information, which are simple on single-machine systems, can be hard to implement reliably. This talk was recorded at the NYC Storm User Group meetup at WebMD Health.


The ZooKeeper framework was originally built at Yahoo! to make it easy for the company’s applications to access configuration information in a robust and easy-to-understand way, but it has since grown to offer a lot of features that help coordinate work across distributed clusters. Apache Zookeeper became a de-facto standard for coordination service and used by Storm, Hadoop, HBase, ElasticSearch and other distributed computing frameworks.

Bio: Camille Fournier is the Head of Engineering at Rent the Runway. In her spare time, she hacks distributed systems as a committer and PMC member of the Apache ZooKeeper community.