Agents and Agency in the Internet by Greg Meredith

In this talk, "Agents and Agency in the Internet," Greg Meredith talks about SpecialK/KVDB, a scala library for writing distributed applications in an embedded DSL that's based on the applied Pi-calculus. He focuses on two applications that are using SpecialK, Protunity and the Individual Agent. This talk was recorded at the Scala Bay meetup at Box.


Greg will introduce the embedded DSL and its relationship to theory and practice. He will then look at the both of the different applications and the talk on the advantages such framework brings to those efforts. Of particular interest is how the framework allows for a higher level automated reasoning about information flow in the distributed network.

Bio:  Greg is the principal architect behind Microsoft’sBizTalk Process Orchestration and one of the principals behind the highly advanced programming language, Rosette, and its high-performance execution environment the Extensible Service Switch. Greg has a lot of experience taking the world of ideas and translating them into practice. In 2004 and 2005 Greg was a visiting scientist at both Harvard Systems Biology, and "nascent formal methods in systems" biology group at the University of Trento in Italy. In 2005 Greg presented seminal results on reflective process algebras both at Oxford and the premier European conference (ETAPS.) He and Walter Fontana co-founded (Fontana Lab, Harvard Systems Biology), Plectix Biosystems.

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