4 Tech Talks and Articles for Pythonistas Who Can't go to PyCon

You might not get a schwag bag but you can attend PyCon in spirit by following the #PyCon hashtag and checking out these resources:

4. Say “No” to Import Side‐effects in Python 
Article, 4 min read

Friends don't let friends put side-effects in their module imports.

3. Unpythonic Python
Article, 4 min read

What do you get when you mix Python with syntax from other popular languages? THIS.

2. Tech Talks for Pythonistas: Performance Testing and Profiling
Video, 37 min

Watch this talk about performance testing and profiling by Dan Crosta (Director of Engineering, Magnetic).

1. Tech Talks: An Introduction to the Python framework used by NASA, Twilio, and HipChat
Video, 30 min

Stacey Sern gives a 30 minute overview of Twisted's architecture and functionality.