Enrico Teotti Enrico Teotti on

Enrico Teotti (Senior Software Developer, XO Group, Inc.) walks us through how he recently leveraged Rails engines to separate the public from the administration portion of a web application and deploy them to different servers leveraging feature flags.

James Rosen James Rosen on

Three exciting talks in this video: First Ben McRedmond will share his experiences with machine learning and go over some simple concepts (and practical details) which most web developers will benefit from knowing. In the second talk, James Rosen will talk about ways to make it simple for web developers to access front-end libraries at the HTTP layer for a faster and more automated development process. In the third talk Rudy Rigot, from prismic.io, will share his painful past experiences around manageable content, and will share his critical look on the various ways developers handle it today in their applications. These talks were recorded at the SF Ruby on Rails meetup group at Zendesk.

Jeff Scheur Jeff Scheur on

sfrails meetup
This talk was recorded at the SF Ruby on Rails meetup at The Climate Corporation last week. Jeff Scheur will give a lightning talk on what he's learned developing an educational site that teaches students grammar/writing skills. He'll share insights on how to avoid pitfalls in ed-tech that get the better of many engineers and discuss what technological advances make him hopeful for the future of education.