Ben Engber Ben Engber on

Ben Engber, CEO and founder of Thumbtack Technology, will discuss how to perform tuned benchmarking across a number of NoSQL solutions. He describes a NoSQL Database Comparison across Couchbase, Aerospike, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, and others in a way that does not artificially distort the data in favor of a particular database or storage paradigm. This includes hardware and software configurations, as well as ways of measuring to ensure repeatable results. This talk was recorded at the Scale Warriors of NYC meetup at adMarketplace.

Alex Baranau Alex Baranau on


In this talk from the HBase NYC group, hear Alex Baranau, Software Engineer at Sematext International, give an Introduction to HBase.

This presentation will consist of two parts and will cover the "Introduction to HBase" and "Introduction to HBase Internals" topics. In the first part you'll hear about the key features of HBase and their importance, what HBase setups look like, HBase usage patterns, and when to choose HBase. The second part will cover some aspects of HBase underlying architecture, as well as some schema design insights. Understanding this will help HBase users make better use of this powerful database technology and avoid common mistakes.