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Stefan Kutko, VP of Engineering at Electronifie, presents what his team has learned while building what is very likely the world's first electronic bond trading platform written in Node.js. He covers how Electronifie uses messaging and microservices to build their distributed system, allowing problem domains to be separated by service and each service to be custom tailored to the problem it solves. Along the way, Stefan shows how a CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation) architecture allows their system to scale and how patterns like Event Sourcing allow interesting benefits for financial applications. Mixed in will be glimpses of how Electronifie is breathing fresh air into FinTech by using and contributing to Open Source, plus sprinklings of Meteor, binary addons, and desktop-enable Node.js web apps!


Slides are available here.

This talk was presented at the NodeJS meetup at Spotify in New York.

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Building large-scale distributed systems is a challenge in any language: what about Go makes distributed system-building easier, what makes it harder, and what won't work at all? Former Google software engineer Ben Sigelman answers these questions in his talk about creating distributed systems in Go. He also addresses the fundamentals of healthy distributed systems and the joys and pitfalls of building them in Go.


View Ben's slides here.

This talk was given at the GoSF meetup at Pivotal.

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The Gist: Ever wonder why you keep getting ads for Budweiser when you're clearly a Coors aficionado? In this Lyceum, Sandeep Jain, technical advisor at Axial, will dive into the algorithms and systems that decide how online ads are delivered on the internet. Never again will you wonder why you're being hawked bad beer. This Lyceum will mix behavioral economics, game theory, distributed systems, and graph theory into one fun and informative talk.

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Speaker Bio: Sandeep is currently a technical adviser to Axial. Before that, he cofounded Reschedge, a SaaS enterprise recruiting tool which was recently sold to Hirevue. He started his career at Google where he spent 5 years working on Google Maps and Doubleclick products. He finished his career there as the technical lead of the display advertising backend.

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In this talk, Square engineering lead Wiktor Macura talks about Square's distributed payment infrastructure detailing methods for building distributed secure systems that are optimized for various permutations of performance and reliability. By the end of this talk you will have developed a better appreciation for the CAP theorem, breaking the rules, and generally making amazing customer focused systems. This talk was recorded at the NYC Data Engineering meetup at Ebay NYC.