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All the crypto code you’ve ever written is probably broken 15 mins
Are you using an authenticated encryption mode? If you don’t know what authenticated encryption is, then you’ve probably already made a mistake.
The definitive guide to forms based website authentication 15 mins
Since we're on the subject of auth, eight sections and dozens of tips on building web authentication. One of those Stack Overflow posts you'll surely want to bookmark..
I Am A Terrible Programmer 10 mins
Dan Shipper's reflection on what actually makes a good programmer. His focus on simply shipping product might surprise you.
Code Length Measured in 14 Languages 15 mins
Fascinating post from the Wolfram blog on what impact different languages have on code length, and what that really means to you as an engineer.
7 Python Libraries you should know about. 15 mins
Few libraries that stand out as being particularly enjoyable to use. And here they are, all in one place.
The Harvest Platform: Bring Time Tracking Into Your Application. 15 mins
Adding time tracking to a project management, issue tracking or task management application is as easy as embedding a few lines of JavaScript and HTML. Using the Harvest Platform, devs can now focus on the core functionality of their apps while easily harnessing Harvest for time tracking, reporting and invoicing.

The latest from g33ktalk

Big Data Analytics with MongoDB
Recently we recorded an awesome talk given by Ben Goswami from Kixeye on how MongoDB is used to solve some of the challenging problems with big data analytics. This talk will also mention some of the new features in 2.2 which Ben has found useful. Both the talk and slides are up on g33ktalk.com!


Kevin Kim - iCloud and Core Data (Nov 15)
OS applications are increasingly sophisticated and data driven. In addition, between the iPhone, iPad, and now the iPad mini, users are more and more likely to be running your app on multiple devices. Learn about Core Data, the standard for data persistence in iOS, and iCloud, which allows apps to sync data between devices. .
Building Fast, Scalable Database Applications The Easy Way (Mon & Tue, Nov 20)
Come learn about building highly scalable applications with VoltDB from the VoltDB engineer and performance guru Ariel Weisberg. In this talk Ariel will present an overview of VoltDB and then dive into the coming changes in VoltDB v3.0.


Realtime at Facebook (Tue, Nov 20)
This talk by Sam Rash will cover how Facebook collects data in as reliable a fashion as possible given machine failures and transient network outages. It will cover the data flow from "the outer rim" known as scribed, through "scribeh" (which is a legacy name--it speaks scribe-thrift, but is pure java), and the vital end component, ptail, a client app.
History of Dev Ops at Zynga(Tue, Nov 20)
In this talk, Kostadis Roussos, Chief Engineer at Zynga, will discuss that history and talk about the future.
Monoglot Rich Web Apps with Errai(Wed, Nov 21)
Get the lowdown on how you can write browser code with Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI). Red Hat’s Mike Brock will discuss how simple it is to handle eventing and server-side push in the browser with minimal effort..