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Why HN went down
Perhaps not entirely earth-shattering, but in reading pg's explanation I was struck again by the developer's challenge in properly figuring out exactly *what* we're debugging. 5 minsActionable Metrics - Enabling Decision-Making in Netflix’s Decentralized Environment
Roy Rapoport discusses how Netflix uses metrics to monitor and manage their operating environment along with additional info on their event management system. 43 min video + slides

The Evolution of Web Development for Mobile Devices
Building websites that perform well on mobile devices remains a challenge. If you're sticking with web here are some practical suggestions on eking out the best performance. 20 mins

Principles of Java App Performance Tuning
Part 5 in a series covering JVM tuning, better understanding GC, and other helpful steps. 15 mins

MongoDB: Architectural Best Practices
A look at the architectural best practices of running MongoDB through the phases of the roll-out process: Selecting a deployment strategy to prepare for your MongoDB installation, the installation itself, and the operational considerations of running it in production. 15 mins

The True Power of Regular Expressions
The author takes us on a regex joyride through comprehensive HTML tag parsing. If you've ever run headlong into the surprising complexities of complete HTML parsing using regex you need to read this article. 30 mins


Secrets of mysqlnd (Tue, Feb 26)
The NYPHP group together with MySQL author and expert Ronald Bradford will take a look at MySQL's latest token of affection, mysqlnd. We all connect to MySQL in PHP using the various flavors of drivers, including mysql and mysqli. Available in PHP 5.3, the mysqlnd replaces these under the covers and is the default in 5.4.Scala (Wed, Feb 27)
The "7 Languages in 7 Months NYC" group continues their journey with their 4th language, Scala. The talk will be given by Owein Reese, a full-time Scala developer at Novus Partners.Rails + Big Data (Wed, Feb 27)
This event is intended to tackle the challenges associated with using Ruby on Rails with "big data" technologies.



The Silicon Valley iOS Developers' Meetup @ Intuit (Mon, Feb, 25)
Sam Liang is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alohar Mobile Inc, the leading mobile ambient intelligence company, based in Palo Alto, California. Before founding Alohar Mobile, Sam was the platform architect of Google Location Server for near four years. This meeting is going to be about Sam's expertise area, Location-based Service (LBS).SF MySQL Group: How Does Square Do it? (Wed, feb 27)
Overview of how Square uses MySQL and the journey from a monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a Service Oriented Architecture.SF Hack & Tell Meetup (Tue, Mar 05)
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