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Why I like Go

Simple, terse and to-the-point. 16 reasons this hacker likes Google's Go. 5 mins

14 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star

Here's a list of ways to get involved in open source even if you lack confidence in your technical chops. 10 mins

Data Science Toolkit.

The Data Science Toolkit is a collection of the best open data sets and open-source tools for data science, wrapped in an easy-to-use REST/JSON API with command line, Python and Javascript interfaces. Available as a self-contained Vagrant VM or EC2 AMI that you can deploy yourself. Very cool. 5 mins

How accurate is Android GPS?

An analysis of the Android SDK’s android.location package and how you can best take advantage of it to build a great end-user experience.
15 mins

CS2: Data Structures and Algorithms

Complete video-course with 38 lectures on YouTube covering algorithms and data structures all the way from the basics through to O notation, sorting algorithms, hash tables and more.  Video-course.

Building Twitter Bootstrap

Insight on why/how Twitter Bootstrap was architected. From the authors comes the processes used to create it and their thoughts on how it has grown as a design system. 15 mins


The Ups and Downs of Migrating to Python 3: A Pragmatic Approach(Thu, Feb 14)Julian Berman will overview the pros and cons of choosing to use each version of Python, surveying the major novelties (and frustrations) introduced in Python 3 and the reasons why one might want to think hard before picking one or the other.Being for the Benefit of Future Developer ( Fri, Feb 15)

John Pignata, Engineer at GroupMe will be speaking about reasoning and best-practices for developing a code base to make developers who come after you happy and successful.

Using MongoDB & Python for rapid applications development at DealerTrack (Tue, Feb 19)

In this talk, Gennadiy Civil, software architect at Dealertrack will explain Why DealerTrack is using MongoDB, How Python and MongoDB work together to improve productivity and how DealerTrack is using MongoDB to compliment traditional databases such as Oracle

Node.js in an Embedded Environment (Wed, Feb 20)

Matt Walters and Dave Alexander from Koko Fit Club will show how they're using Node.js to create a high tech touch-screen treadmill.



Learn All About Udacity's New HTML5 Game Programming Course, Live on GDL
(Thu, Feb 14)

Last week, a new Udacity HTML5 Game Development course (CS255) featuring Colt McAnlis, Peter Lubbers, and Sean Bennett was launched. In this session you can learn all about the content of the course and a series of other exciting initiatives organized in parallel

Five Years of EC2 Distilled (Tue, Feb, 19)

Grig Gheorghiu has been Tech Ops in some capacity or another for the past 15 years, and operating on EC2 for the past 5 years. He will distill the lessons of his experience in this must-see talk for people operating in the cloud, which workloads belong in the cloud... and which don't.

The Evolution of the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem by Eli Collins (Wed, Feb, 20)

Eli Collins is a lead on Cloudera's Platform team, an active contributor to Apache Hadoop and member of its project management committee (PMC) at the Apache Software Foundation will go through evolution of Hadoop Ecosystem.

35th Bay Area Hadoop User Group (HUG) Monthly Meetup (Wed, Feb, 20)

Join the meetup to hear about HIT (Hadoop Integration Testing) for Automated Certification and Deployments, see a Visual Workbench for Big Data Analytics on Hadoop and learn about Large Scale Data Ingest Using Apache Flume.