Devgigs+ Nov 8, 2012

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Powerful Command Line Tools for Developers 10 min
Life as a web developer can be hard when things start going wrong. The problem could be in any number of places: request, response, a third party library or an external API failing. Here are some command line tools to make your life easier.
HTML5 Mythbusting 15 mins
The ongoing discussion about the “readiness” of HTML5 is based on a lot of false assumptions. These lead to myths about HTML5 that get uttered once and then continuously repeated. In this post Mozilla developer Chris Heilmann helps us get to the bottom of things.
MongoDB Gotchas and How To Avoid Them 15 mins
A lot of people hate on MongoDB. It appears that much is due to a lack of understanding. Here's a look at some common and not-so-common things that hackers should know about MongoDB.
The Most Powerful Git Feature You’re Not Yet Using 10 mins
Keep up with the latest trends in building Rails apps - some interesting data here in terms of the tools being used by top Rails engineers these days.
The Biggest Changes in C++11 (and Why You Should Care) 15 mins
It’s been 13 years since the first iteration of the C++ language. Danny Kalev, a former member of the C++ standards committee, explains how the programming language has been improved and how it can help you write better code.


General Assembly Career Fair (Sat Nov 10)
Looking for your next great opportunity? Here's your chance to find it. The GA Career Fair brings together more than 50 startup and corporate employers to meet with 500 highly qualified individuals looking for opportunities in design, development, and marketing. This selective event seeks to connect top candidates with compatible companies, creating partnerships for shared learning, growth, and success.
Uncubed (Mon & Tue, Nov 12-13)
UNCUBED brings together emerging companies and talented candidates in a fun, informative environment that celebrates startup culture. With great speakers, games, and workshops, UNCUBED attracts graduates from the best schools in the country and incredibly talented attendees looking to move away from “traditional” careers.
Building Ruby Web Apps with Rack and Sinatra (and Hacker Hours) (Wed, Nov 14)
Tom Black, U.S. Navy veteran, tech entrepreneur, and software developer, who will be presenting next week on building lightweight web apps with Rack and Sinatra..


Building Analytical Applications on Hadoop (Thu, Nov 8)
Josh Wills, the Director of Data Science at Cloudera, is to give a talk about the intersection of Data Science and Hadoop.
Official november Barug meeting(Tue, Nov 13)
Skin Detection using Random Forest decision trees by Aurobindo Tripathy, R Python Bridge rpy2 Laurent Gautier and Gabriel Becker reveals RBrowserPlugin Project.
Modeling and Scaling w/NoSQL | Rails + Backend as a Service (BaaS)(Wed, Nov 14)
Jasdeep Jailta from Couchbase will provide an indepth talk on working with NoSQL databases within a Rail framework. Specifically he'll cover the use of Couchbase but he'll also talk about NoSQL pattern, use cases, and hard-won lessons.