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How We Built an Error Validation Framework for Our API

Shutterstock developers pay a lot of attention to the user experience of our website. We have a fleet of User Experience experts who help make sure the error states our web application shows to customers are useful and actionable.

But when we’re building backend APIs instead of HTML forms, that experience doesn’t translate. What’s the equivalent of this, in an API?


The Shutterstock Contributor Team has been building our next-generation content-review system, so that we can scale our image-review operation. We’re building it in a service-oriented fashion, in Ruby, with DataMapper as an ORM.


NYC and SF Tech Talks: April 7 - 13th

We hope to see you at a few of these talks! As always, we'll post the video of talks we attend as they are recorded and edited.

NYC Events

Bluetooth Night: Akbar Dhanaliwala, Chris Mollis, Craig Miller, and Ernst Schmidt (Tues, Apr 8)
Akbar Dhanaliwala of Pocobor will present CoreBluetooth with custom hardware. Chris Mollis, Craig Miller, and Ernst Schmidt of Objectlab will run through a live end-to-end demo of iBeacons and CoreLocation.

Writing DSLs with Parslet (Tues, Apr 8)
Parslet makes it easy to write well-designed DSLs in pure Ruby. In this talk you’ll learn the basics, feel out the limitations of several approaches and find some common solutions.


Use Modern Spatial Analysis Tools to Put Your Meetup on the Map

Meetup organizers and business owners have the same question: "Where should I put my event, store, or factory to maximize attendance?" You could pay consultants thousands of dollars or figure it out with a free weekend and R!

In this presentation, Harlan Harris  replicates a spatial analysis he performed for DC Meetups. Techniques that will be discussed include: working with latitude/longitude data, constructing geometric cost functions, mapping, continuous optimization, global optimization, and dynamic report generation. R packages used include: knitr, plyr, reshape2, ggplot2, ggmap, and DEoptim.

This talk was presented at the New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup hosted by Pivotal Labs in NYC.